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Rotana Media Group launches social media management platform Rotana Stars

The communication industry has witnessed numerous changes during the last decade, and by far the social media proliferation was the pinnacle, hence the impact was not just on communication but on business overall. The main enzyme for the social media proliferation is the capability of these platforms to open two-way dialogue between people and entities, and that was the game-changer.

“Since Rotana Media Group, is committed to keep evolving its service portfolio in order to meet the increasing demand of our business partners, we launched Rotana Stars, a one-stop-shop or all social media management services in the Middle East,” said Nezar Nagro, President of Rotana Media Services.

Rotana Stars aims to help organizations across a variety of industries to develop real-time customer insights, collaborate with top influencers, engage audiences with innovative campaigns and better understand their customers and the market.

With this new introduction into the Rotana Media Group family, a prominent Pan-Arab media company with assets spanning across TV, movies, audio, and advertising sales, Rotana Stars will amplify this rich comprehensive portfolio to build upon the group’s state-of-the-art platforms where each aspect of the entertainment industry will be fully nurtured and brought to social media in an innovative way to help create a new wave of social media influences for brands in the region and beyond. In addition, our established relationships with celebrities and content creators across various platforms for over 3 decades will enable Rotana Stars to provide an unpreceded variety of influencers’ selection and digital media solutions opportunities.

Rotana Stars Social and Digital Media Services offerings include:

Influencer marketing: One of the new initiative’s primary offerings is their associations with celebrities and digital influencers across the Middle East which it aims to capitalize on to create innovative campaigns for leading international brands.

Content creation: Using multiple creative tools to produce and deliver diverse content for popular social media platforms for their clients.

Digital marketing: Hands-on strategy planning that includes the assessment of a brand’s current capabilities and critical needs. Recommendations, timing and goals are provided in an effort to align the brand’s digital marketing with the corporate strategy.

Media relations: Developing unique ideas and concepts, to position the brand as the default source of information within conversations surrounding the industry.

“In the midst of this new paradigm shift in the communication world and the continuous challenges in today’s economy, we promise brand partners to keep altering our approach to provide them with highly efficient media solutions” Nezar Nagro.