Reprise partners with Seventh Decimal

Reprise, MENA marketing data science experts of MCN/IPG Mediabrands, and Out-of-Home (OOH) research tech company Seventh Decimal have announced a partnership to provide OOH media measurement intelligence for MCN/IPG and its group of clients.

The partnership will focus on delivering quantitative and qualitative insights to brands to better understand the ROI of their OOH advertising expenditure. It will aim to determine the value OOH contributes to the overall media mix.

Integrating OOH measurement data into the Reprise measurement framework will allow us to provide much more accurate insight when trying to determine the precise impact and contribution that OOH has on the overall marketing funnel. Subsequently this information will help brands better determine what is the most effective media mix that drives the most return on ad spend.

Using an innovative and proprietary OOH audience measurement methodology, Seventh Decimal mission is to empower OOH with metrics, part of a Joint industry currency (JIC), that advertisers and suppliers can use to effectively trade and to show the integral part that OOH plays within the overall media mix.

Seventh Decimal introduced “Streach” in 2020, a dynamic, impression based OOH media measurement system that aims to deliver precise and accurate indicators to measure the audience exposure to static and digital Out of Home.

“Not having an Out of Home partnership has always hindered our ability at Reprise to provide brands with a view of how much OOH marketing activities contribute to the overall marketing funnel. This partnership with Seventh Decimal brings together two like-minded organizations that want to let the data do the talking, having access to such a tool like “Streach” gives us access to another rich and valuable source of insight that will further enhance the accuracy of our measurement activities,” said, Stuart Mackay, managing director of Reprise Digital MENA.

“We are always happy to contribute to research that advances the OOH industry in the region. As a trusted third-party research, we are very much in line with Reprise mission and we are very happy to collaborate with MCN Group who also happens to be our partner,” said, Maud Moawad, CEO and Co-founder of Seventh Decimal.