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Ramadan 2020: Top tips on how brands can connect with customers, by Facebook’s Ahmed Hafez Younis

Ramadan 2020 is taking place in exceptional circumstances, with the coronavirus pandemic having disrupted businesses around the world. Ahmed Hafez Younis (Fizo), Creative Shop Lead for MENA, Facebook is sharing top tips on how brands can stay connected with their customers during this challenging time.

Tip 1: Get customer communication right

Brands need to be sensitive and listen; you don’t need to have an idea to jump on the coronavirus bandwagon. Right now, the best thing a brand can do is act responsibly and understand that consumers are under a lot of pressure. If you are creating content for ads, remember to be meaningful, generous, and helpful in your communication. In brief, think “people first.”

Tip 2: Champion the Ramadan spirit

Brands need to provide utility and prioritize consumer needs in today’s hard reality. A brand that shows genuine compassion and provides utility is bound to be loved, after all generosity and selflessness are core practices during Ramadan. So, it is important to ask yourself – how can my brand be of help? Perhaps offer entertainment for kids at home or connect people virtually?

Tip 3: Diversify content, get creative

If you have not produced your Ramadan campaign yet or if you need to create additional assets, then you might want to consider pivoting to illustration, animation and graphics. You can also get creative with stock or repurpose archival footage. This is the time to get creative – think about content that caters to a diversity of viewers with storytelling that connects deeply and consider partnerships and collaborations with Facebook and Instagram creators as well. Remember, do not be opportunistic; be relevant.