RAKBANK joins the Mobile Marketing Association as board member

MMA invites The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah to become the first bank in the UAE to join as a board member to accelerate its digital transformation in mobile banking.

The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah, RAKBANK, an innovator in the mobile marketing space, joins the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) as one of the local players in the modern marketing scene and is set to play a major role in driving the MMA MENA’s strategic direction during their one-year tenure as a board member and aim to direct the organization’s focus towards productive targets and local initiatives through the Bank’s wealth of experience. RAKBANK will add value to MMA’s mission to shape the future of marketing.

MMA’s Middle East Local Council strives to stimulate the growth of modern marketing and its associated technologies in the region. Banking is one of the most mature industries in the mobile and technology spaces. RAKBANK’s innovative strategies and MMA’s mission to accelerate the innovation of marketers via local and international network will benefit from each other and add value.

 “We are excited to have RAKBANK on board and look forward to them bringing our attention to vital issues that impact their day to day business.  This highlights the ongoing trends and innovations that affect mobile marketing’s efficiency,” says Melis Ertem, MMA MENAT regional director.

“We in turn equip our senior board members with all the latest research and reports produced from the MMA global and regional. This helps them build capabilities internally, as well as upskill their marketing teams. We would often use the insight provided to us from our board to help guide our annual research plans locally, as well as direct topics for discussions at one of our industry round tables or events.”

Banali Luthra Malhotra

“We have been acquainted with the Mobile Marketing Association’s activities for the past 2 years and are proud to join the MENA board of directors who are committed to being a part of a journey towards shaping the future of modern marketing. RAKBANK’s position as an innovator and leader in the mobile marketing space will be empowered in this ever-growing ecosystem,” said Banali Luthra Malhotra, RAKBANK director of marketing.

Having participated in MMA IMPACT Events and a successful run at the MMA MENA Smarties Awards 2020, RAKBANK swept 8 awards that celebrated the team’s talent in leveraging the power of mobile and emerging technologies to create the best marketing campaigns in the MENA region. The entries were judged on strategy, creativity and execution where best practices were used to create innovative campaigns that drove business success. RAKBANK currently has an evolving mobile ecosystem of 7 Apps with success stories like Skiply, RAKfoodie & RAKBarca.

As tomorrow comes, and at its epicentre is mobile – closer, personalized, powerful. The marketing revolution is about to further explode with the spread of 5G, AI, and other emerging technologies. Add a growing generation of screenagers on the cusp of entering the workforce and mobile obsessed consumers to the mix, and you have a once-in-an-era transformation in the way brands and their customers interact.

MMA MENA will be holding MENA Creativity Unplugged Virtual which will be an online event on creativity and technology followed by MMA SMARTIES Virtual Ceremony on March 29th. RAKBANK will be one of the speakers along with other marketers and thought leaders in the region from AdColony, Adjust, SAS and Tiktok. The attendees will hear from the trailblazers on architecting the future of innovation and its business impact in the world. Following the Creativity event, SMARTIES Winners will be announced at the Ceremony. Complimentary passes can be obtained from here.

MMA also recently announced its 2021 Board of Directors – https://www.mmaglobal.com/local-council/middle-east