R/GA launches new EMEA brand design consulting practice

After several years helping brands like National Bank of Kuwait, Moncler, and Nike create digital-first design systems, R/GA EMEA is launching a new Brand Design Consulting (BDC) practice.

Recognising that most customer’s first touch with a brand is now digital, the focus of the practice is on designing brands as experiences.

R/GA is rolling out the BDC practice to support its EMEA clients across Europe and the Middle East, where it will enable rigorous processes for designing brands as operating systems, ensuring they are strong tools to drive growth and guide decision-making.

The new BDC practice, which is being led by R/GA’s EMEA CEO, Rebecca Bezzina, and VP Executive Creative Director, Robert Northam, has been developed to help businesses build the next generation of more of digital-first brands. As part of this, R/GA will leverage new innovations and new advancements in generative AI.

Rebecca Bezzina, CEO R/GA EMEA, said: “In today’s connected world brands are much more than a logo. They represent the interface between the customer and business. It’s why at R/GA we believe a brand should behave like an operating system. So we’re delighted to launch this dedicated practice and help our clients design the next generation of brands”.

Rob Northam, VP ECD, R/GA, said: “The reality today is that a customers’ first touch with a brand is now through digital. So we want to help our partners create brand foundations and identities that can adapt to the ever-changing reality of the world,

“ So we define brand interactions and build tools that allow brands to be responsive and iterative. It’s exciting to see our clients build on this approach to flex their brands for the future.”

The R/GA EMEA BDC practice has been created around the core principle that brands can be responsive and iterative, and act as more than a filter for marketing—creating a connected and consistent creative expression for people to interact with.

This is then applied to the ecosystem of communications, experiences, and membership that form the interface between the brand and the world.