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Puck: The power of collective action

Arla Food's Yahia Adel Z AlSharif shares insights on Puck's groundbreaking initiative with Campaign Middle East

Yahia Adel Z AlSharif, Head of Category at Arla Foods

What inspired Puck to initiate the ‘Selfless Shelves’ campaign?

The campaign can be traced back to our earlier initiative, ‘Your Creativity, Endless Possibilities.’

While the initial campaign aimed to introduce consumers to creative and sustainable upcycling practices using Puck glass jars, ‘Selfless Shelves’ represents a natural progression, extending our focus beyond environmental stewardship to encompass social and economic empowerment.

Inspired by our commitment to community and driven by the desire to make a tangible difference, we conceived the idea of donating empty Puck glass jars and offering shelf space in Carrefour stores to support five local Lebanese women and their growing small businesses.

In Lebanon, where Puck enjoys a cherished status as a household staple, we recognised the opportunity and the responsibility to leverage our brand’s influence to uplift those affected by the country’s economic challenges.

By facilitating a platform for woman to showcase their artisanal homemade products to a broader audience, we sought to provide immediate support while fostering long-term sustainability within the community.

‘Selfless Shelves’ embodies our belief in the power of collective action and serves as a testament to our dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond the confines of commerce.

How did Puck select the women entrepreneurs and their products?

We recognise the pivotal role women play in society and the immense impact they can wield when empowered to pursue their passions.

We sought out women entrepreneurs whose stories exemplified resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Our criteria focused on identifying those with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for food crafting, qualities we believed would align well with the goals of the campaign.

From five distinct villages, we handpicked these exceptional women whose dedication to their craft and commitment to their families shone brightly.

By providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and earn income, we aimed to uplift these individuals but also contribute to the economic well-being of their families.

Can you elaborate on how Puck plans to further incorporate sustainability?

Sustainability for Puck is not limited to our ambition of owning reusability and promoting sustainable daily habits, it also covers other relevant areas for the brand such as minimising food waste and sustainable packaging under the ‘Planet Agenda’ and health, nutrition and food inspiration under the ‘people agenda’.

We intend to continue this focus on promoting such habits in all our future projects, to contribute as much as possible to the sustainability targets in the markets we operate in, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The campaign achieved significant digital engagement and PR reach. How does Puck measure the success in terms of its impact on the women’s livelihoods and the community?

Perhaps the biggest target of the ‘Selfless Shelves’ campaign was to ultimately ease the economic pressure faced by the women in Lebanon.

We would like to see that, following this campaign, these women’s small businesses as well as all others run by women see a significant boost in performance and thrive.

We also hope that this campaign encourages shoppers in Lebanon to support locally sourced and homemade products such as the ones promoted in this campaign.

‘Selfless Shelves’ has been positively received by our consumers and the creative community and was highlighted as ownable and genuine to the brand.

How has this initiative influenced Puck’s overall brand strategy?

The campaign stands as a remarkable demonstration of our dedication to leveraging corporate resources for social good, underscoring our brand’s overarching mission to champion women’s well-being.

Puck has long served as a committed ally to women in the region, offering support throughout their journeys in motherhood.

As a beloved brand, we recognise the profound responsibility to extend our influence beyond market dynamics, ensuring that our impact resonates throughout broader society.

What key learnings has Puck gathered that could shape future initiatives?

One key learning centres on the importance of prioritising both environmental sustainability and social impact in our projects. We’ve found that by aligning our efforts with these dual objectives, we contribute to positive behaviour change among consumers and foster tangible benefits for local communities.

Going forward, we are committed to amplifying this approach, striving to create campaigns that resonate with our audience and also leave a lasting, positive imprint on the world around us.

By Yahia Adel Z AlSharif, Head of Category at Arla Foods