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Project Agora announces latest strategic partnerships with leading publishers in the UAE

Al Khaleej, Gulf News, Khaleej Times & others are among their top partners

Project Agora, one of the leading Media Technology companies in EMEA, has announced new strategic partnerships with several top news outlets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – including Al Khaleej, Gulf News and Khaleej Times.

For nearly a decade, Project Agora has provided premium, high performing advertising solutions to more than 9,000 brands across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Latin America. The Middle East has always been a significant investment for Project Agora. This new wave of partnerships takes the presence in the region to a new level, offering advertisers access to a wider premium and brand-safe environment.

UAE publishers also benefit from cutting-edge content recommendation technology which presents great opportunity both for monetization and organic traffic recirculation. As a result, they can expect more visitors, higher engagement and increase in advertising revenue.

Elie Chammas, Regional Director of Project Agora said, “The breadth and depth of the reach in the UAE through these partnerships, will allow advertisers to efficiently target consumers on the Open Web where they spent more than a quarter of their online time. This provides the foundation for us to further accelerate the growth of our long-standing relations with media agencies and brands.

Project Agora plans to continue to accelerate additional partnerships with key publishers in the UAE and other GCC markets.

UAE Publishers on Project Agora:

Harish Pandey, Head of Programmatic, Khaleej Times: “With Project Agora, we have found a long-term partner who aspires to help us reach our North Stars beyond monetization”.

Assia Louardi, Digital Revenue & Strategy Manager, Gulf News: “Our partner, Project Agora, guides us to be a pioneer in the region, by implementing global best practices to increase both revenues and organic traffic recirculation”.

Farhan Khan, Head Of Sales, Al Khaleej: “A deciding factor for us to partner with Project Agora was their strong local team, who are working to generate local premium demand for our website, right here in the UAE”.