Production Industry Snapshot: David Zennie, Disruptive

David Zennie, founder and executive producer, Disruptive

What are some of the developments that the production industry has encountered following the pandemic?

The pandemic delivered a novel set of challenges to which the industry responded accordingly from health and safety procedures to smarter and leaner shoots or even opting for animation-based content. During this time, Disruptive incorporated NFTs, virtual worlds and Web 3.0 solutions into our profile. Disruptive continues to use innovation in a best effort to support our partners as technology disrupts industries. As a production house we offer exceptional client experiences, positioning of innovative solutions for advertising goals, and guidance for our clients.

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What are some innovations that you have implemented?

The demand for brands to cultivate a virtual presence skyrocketed globally and Disruptive has taken the necessary steps to evolve with the demand. Disruptive provides multidimensional solutions for all things metaverse and NFT, including advisory, strategy, and production to support our clients and partners in developing their vision for a Web 3.0 presence. Disruptive recently began implementing augmented overlays for one of our partners to enhance the consumer experience through mixed-reality. The technology is phenomenal. As an early leader embracing blockchain, we have developed an extensive network and a streamlined system featuring strong in-house capabilities to satisfy the array of client Web 3.0 needs. The Disruptive team is truly interdisciplinary with immense bandwidth – we work on an international scale, possessing the resources to fulfill the needs of practically any brief from film production to animation, award winning sonic branding, and now Web 3.0 solutions, as we work alongside our partners and clients to ensure that their vision is successfully represented on every platform. In a best effort for industry readiness, we are now offering comprehensive Web 3.0 training to agency and marketing professionals and C-level executives through parallel company and purpose driven advisory firm Disruptive World.  

How are client demands changing?

This question is two-fold for us. First, the demand for premium-quality productions that are exceptionally creative that are also mindful of budget will not change.  Disruptive addresses this by establishing long-term partnerships that allow us to maximise resources and best support our clients. We are experts at finding smart solutions to propel our mission of innovation and ensure clients receive the highest experience and quality for the best price. Second, brand campaigns function as the means of communication between producer and consumer. As technology evolves and Web 3.0 increases its presence, a community-centric multi-stakeholder model over the ageing transactional model will become the standard. Brands wishing to lead industry will realise they need to align their efforts with purpose-driven narratives that deliver social and sustainable impact. I am really looking forward to witnessing the increase in brands who position themselves to do good. Disruptive and Disruptive World will continue to create and attain its clients’ impact goals through creativity and technological innovation as this shift progresses.