Private View by Webedia’s Matt Turner

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Matt Turner, Head of Strategy, Webedia

BMW Middle East, BMW iJACK, Agency: Serviceplan Middle East, Creative Director: André Couto

This is neither a big idea nor creative wonder. It’s simple tenacity. Seeing value in underused platforms and committing across a year is great. More marketers should look for gaps that can be filled with creative problem solving like this.

Asharq Discovery, Dark Minds Launch, Agency: SRMG Labs, Chief Marketing Officer: Katie Golding

Netflix’s ‘is a joke’ campaign is brilliant at delivering a quick OOH concept. Asharqs’s coordination is commendable, but the audience must work so hard to get the idea. I’d bet most people just think someone vandalized Bose’s posters.

Qiddiya City, Play Life, Agencies: Droga5, Accenture Song, Directors: Ian Pons Jewell, Nick Roney, Writers: Asmaa Mohamed Akram, Talal Haj Ali Bek, Andy Lockley

It’s great the strategy didn’t stop at the superlatives of what Qiddiya City will be. From the monotonous dystopian beginning to the charming delivery, I want to go and play. And I want to do it in Qiddiya City, (even if I have no idea of what’s there…yet).

Kinder, Mini Billboards, Regional Category Director: Andrea Longobardi

There’s novelty to mini objects – jam jars at hotel breakfast/cutlery on airplanes – that’s untapped here. A brief about ‘miniaturization’ could’ve been much bigger than small billboards in real estate offices.

Nissan, Patrol CGI, Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Content creation: Hajjo Media

At best, this is for passengers (why have a concept excluding drivers?); at worst, it’s just for readers of Campaign. Tech driven OOH has so much potential, but immersive digital storytelling doesn’t happen at 120kmph on the SZR.