Private View by BigTime Creative Shop’s Rayyan Aoun

At Campaign Middle East, our Private View section presents a range of insights and viewpoints from industry experts, revealing the intricate world of marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Rayyan Aoun, Chief Creative Officer, BigTime Creative Shop

BMW Middle East, BMW iJACK, Agency: Serviceplan Middle East, Creative Director: André Couto

Smart, creative, and cost effective. The campaign impressively tapped into an often overlooked medium despite its widespread use, turning it into a fun and informative space to show off the product.

Asharq Discovery, Dark Minds Launch, Agency: SRMG Labs, Chief Marketing Officer: Katie Golding

The idea had potential, but it didn’t really hit the mark. The teasers felt staged, knocking the authenticity, and the big reveal wasn’t much of a showstopper.

Qiddiya City, Play Life, Agencies: Droga5, Accenture Song, Directors: Ian Pons Jewell, Nick Roney, Writers: Asmaa Mohamed Akram, Talal Haj Ali Bek, Andy Lockley

The concept is compelling and nails the brand’s essence, and is brought to life through outstanding production quality and craftsmanship. It’s thrilling to see a new genre of film arise in Saudi Arabia, moving away from the conventional content we’ve become accustomed to.

Kinder, Mini Billboards, Regional Category Director: Andrea Longobardi

It’s always refreshing to see new and creative media spaces popping up, particularly within the traditional mediums. Sure, they’re innovative, but do they actually work? There’s some doubt about whether these are the best ways to reach and really resonate with the intended audience.

Nissan, Patrol CGI, Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Content creation: Hajjo Media

Lately, there’s been a noticeable trend among brands adopting CGI techniques in their online content. At first, it was cool, but now it’s everywhere, and people have become indifferent. It is crucial that we infuse these new techniques with greater depth and original ideas, ensuring they distinguish themselves and truly resonate with
their audiences.