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Pinterest shares tips to improve in app product feed

Pinterest has revealed tips on how users can optimise their product feed and improve the performance of pin listings.

Newcomers to the app and established brands can strengthen their feeds to maximize engagement with their target audience.

Pinterest states, “Your product feed (also known as a data feed, data source or product catalogue) powers important lower funnel tools such as product Pins and shopping ads. Its data informs how our system recommends your content across Pinterest and which people see your Pins. It also impacts how your brand appears on the platform, with important information such as product description and images on the actual Pins.”

The social media platform highlights four tips:

Metadata listings

Pinterest’s product feed includes various fields, including title, description, price, and category. Pinterest suggests brands should make sure to fill each of these elements with specific information about every product that they’re selling.

“Think about the types of characteristics that your audience might be interested in that could help to explain what you’re selling.”

Keywords in titles and descriptions

Using a mixture of broad and exact keywords and phrases will help generate more queries.

Pinterest suggests brands should consider words that people use to search for products and include them within listings.

Users can research search terms and trending topics on the trend insights page.

Product groupings

Brands and marketers are advised to use product groupings and tag products into multiple levels of categorisation which will help boost relevant searches and shopping categories.

Avoid targeting restrictions

Pinterest recommends brands use its algorithms when running shopping campaigns to maximise reach to interested users.