PFL’s expansion into the region ‘exciting for brands and sponsors’

The Professional Fighters League will launch a MENA league next year

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) says it has “very exciting plans for the Middle East, starting in 2024.”

Loren Mack, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications for PFL, told Campaign Middle East it is “currently engaged in discussions with several parties” when asked what partnerships it had in place with regional brands.

“One of our key developments is the launch of our second international regional league, PFL MENA following the success of PFL Europe.

“We will be hosting a series of events that will have a lasting impact in the region.”

This league is scheduled for 2024 and will have its headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

PFL MENA will feature multiple weight classes competing in the sports season format that has made the PFL a standout in the world of mixed martial arts.

Fighters from the Middle East will have the opportunity to participate in a regular season, followed by playoffs, leading to the championship showdown.

“In line with our approach to the global league, our aim is to collaborate with brands that share our mission and values.

“We currently reach viewers in 160 countries worldwide through premium distribution channels, ensuring maximum global reach and visibility for the brand and our products.”

Loren Mack, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications for PFL

In the Middle East region, the PFL has a partnership with MBC as its distribution partner.

“However, we will have more updates on additional distribution partners, particularly in relation to the distribution strategy for PFL MENA,” added Mack.

It has also announced the launch of PFL Pay-Per-View Super Fights division in February 2024.

These mega-global events will showcase some of the most high-profile athletes in the world of sports, including stars like Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul.

“We’re particularly excited to share that a number of these spectacular events will be hosted right here in the KSA.

“The addition of Jake Paul to PFL and his transition into MMA is indeed exciting news for fans and the world of combat sports.”

Selling out

Jake Paul has garnered a massive following and demonstrated his ability to attract fans and sell out PPV.

“This is particularly appealing to brands and sponsors looking to connect with a broader and more engaged audience.”

“Given his track record in boxing and his proven ability to generate attention and interest, we anticipate that Jake Paul’s presence in MMA will create significant branding opportunities for PFL and its partners.

“So we are super excited to see Jake’s debut in the PFL next year in 2024.”

PFL has a strategic partnership with SRJ Sports, which it says “is a significant part of these exciting developments. It includes the launch of PFL MENA in 2024, but it doesn’t stop there.”

PFL MENA will expand its footprint beyond Saudi Arabia. In the coming years, it has plans to take PFL MENA on tour throughout the Middle East, with a set schedule of events in various countries in the region.

“This expansion is not just about sports; it’s about fostering talent, promoting competition, and uniting fans throughout the Middle East.”