Keko Dubai appoints new leadership team

Keko has appointed a new management team for Keko Dubai. 

Patrick Pesch as Managing Director and Alberto Rader as Executive Creative Director will lead the company’s strategic expansion efforts in the region.

With two decades of experience in international marketing and strategic management, Pesch has established himself in the luxury industry, consistently delivering strong results for companies across diverse sectors.

As Marketing Director of Porsche China and Ferrari Greater China, Pesch was instrumental in developing the Chinese market for luxury sports car brands. 

His deep understanding of cultural nuances, consumer behaviours, and market dynamics has helped him develop effective strategies tailored to specific regions and target audiences.

Taking the reins as the Executive Creative Director, Rader brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to lead the creative team at Keko Dubai. 

With a passion for crafting captivating campaigns, he will ensure that clients in the region benefit from innovative communication strategies that engage audiences and leave a lasting impact. 

Rader brings a vast amount of experience, having worked for top global clients such as Absolut, Burberry, Converse, Johnnie Walker, and Porsche at various agencies in the role of Creative Director across Asia and Europe, where he most recently was leading the creative team of Paysafe.

Brigitte Kemper, CEO of  Keko Global, said: “We are excited to welcome Patrick Pesch and Alberto Rader to the  Keko Dubai team,

“Their exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to excellence align perfectly with our global vision. With their guidance, Keko Dubai is poised to reach new heights and deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

United in their client-centric approach, Pesch and Rader place a strong emphasis on communication and fostering meaningful relationships. 

By leveraging their collective expertise and creative vision, Keko aims to transform the way brands connect with audiences in the region.