Pepsi rebrand hits Middle East

It’s been 14 years since the soft drink brand introduced a new logo and visual identity

Pepsi’s global rebrand has now reached the Middle East, after being rolled out in North America in time for its 125th anniversary.

An eye-catching event has been planned for this coming weekend (1st to 3rd March) to celebrate the rebrand as it looks to the future.

“As a brand that’s on the world stage and interacts with millions of people every day, it’s important for Pepsi to periodically revisit its look to ensure the brand resonates with fans at the pulse of culture,” it said in a statement.

“The next era of Pepsi will keep us thirsty for the best tasting cola, thirsty for new entertaining experiences, for a better planet, for stronger partnerships and for accelerated growth across the portfolio.”

The new logo will span various consumer touchpoints including digital, experiential and retail. The new cans are already available in stores in the UAE.

The brand stays connected to consumers by building cutting-edge experiences that tap into sports and music, and harnessing innovative technology and creative partnerships.

Electric blue and back

The new logo and visual identity take inspiration from the brand’s heritage while incorporating modern elements, making it “undeniably Pepsi”.

Key design elements include the Pepsi globe and wordmark unite to fit into various settings and emphasise the distinctive Pepsi branding.

The colour palette has been updated to introduces electric blue and black to bring contrast and a contemporary edge to the classic Pepsi colour scheme.

There is also new visually-distinct can silhouette, which heroes the iconic Pepsi can as an accessible brand for all.

Pepsi says the revitalised brand allows it to unlock more flexibility to move between physical and digital spaces, from retail shelves to the metaverse.

“It allows for more seamless and creative collaboration with partners and customers. It offers more versatility to engage fans in the places they shop, dine, work and play.”

As part of the regional roll-out, Pepsi is creating an experiential surprise at Dubai’s JBR Beach, using the backdrop of the Dubai Eye. There is an experiential planned for Saudi as well.

The JBR Beach event in Dubai will be open to the general public and consumers on March 2nd and 3rd from 5 pm – midnight, free of cost.