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Panadol visualises pain relief as personalised art

Credits: Grey

Panadol’s latest campaign tries something different from the norm of the pharmaceutical campaigns.

Stepping away from a more rational appeal, the brand took an emotional and creative approach to the concept of pain relief.

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Created and conceptualised in collaboration with Grey Dubai, part of the campaign was a series of activations across cinemas in Dubai, UAE.

The agency set up futuristic Panadol booths in the Mall of the Emirates and JBR the Beach.

Visitors to these booths could then input what they thought their moment of pain relief  looked like before entering the booths which brought their ideas to life.

Credits: Grey

Focusing on the idea behind the concept, creatives from Grey said, “It all began with the question of how we could visualise pain relief in a cool, fresh, and abstract manner.

“We couldn’t pinpoint a single specific visual because the experience of pain relief varies from person to person.

“So, we decided to personalise the visuals based on each individual’s description of their pain relief journey using AI technology.”

They add, “Our visitors experienced an immersive AI-driven world through visuals, music, and sounds, all generated by AI.

“Our overarching objective was to provide a brief escape from the hustle and bustle, creating a serene, zen-like experience that reminded them what pain relief feels like.”

 Apart from the experience itself, visitors to the activation also received customized visual, along with a printed picture of their creation and a tote bag.

The activation was also in collaboration with media agency Publicis Media and supplier Motivate Val Morgan.


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