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Panadol Extra eases heartache on Valentine’s Day

With all the proclamations of love, romantic dinners, and loving gifts taking over social media, Valentine’s Day can be hard on those suffering from a broken heart. 

The pain of a broken heart is just as real as physical pain due to extreme emotional stress. Some people may experience sudden chest pain which can mimic a heart attack. 

While Panadol Extra is known for its fast and effective relief from migraines and more, On Valentine’s Day the brand rolled out a heartfelt initiative to address all forms of pain, both physical and emotional, ensuring that no one faces their struggles alone.

Created by VML, the campaign crafted seven humorous, yet heartwarming messages tailored to people suffering on this date with the pain of losing loved ones. 

Through funny, cheesy, romantic songs, they created social reels that encouraged people to stay strong during what can be a challenging time.

The campaign aimed to help people change their attitude towards heartbreak if they can’t change a situation.

Inspired by Loveline, a hit radio show from the 90s with over-the-top, overly-romantic hosts, each post brings a positive and fun tip to ease the pain of a heartbreak. 



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Ahmed ElGohary, Regional Brand Manager at Haleon, said: “Panadol Extra may not be the answer to broken hearts, but we wanted to show that we care, regardless of the type of pain. Valentine’s Day is about love in all its forms, and that includes offering support to those suffering on this date.”

Marcelo Zylberberg, Associate Creative Director at VML, said: “There’s a lot of virtue for a brand like Panadol to recognize it is not effective with emotional heartaches and still go out of its way to try and help people anyways. People recognize it and create a deeper relationship with the brand”.

Fabio Caveira, Associate Creative Director at VML, said: “In the end of the day, laughter can be a powerful medicine. If our posts can make people smile, then we’ve achieved our goal of offering support, no matter what’s their pain.”

Fernando Miranda, Executive Creative Director at VML, said: “This idea shows that you can also have fun working with pharma. Great communication is the one that connects to people on a human level, regardless of the product or service it’s promoting. And this does just that.”