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Out now! The latest issue of Campaign is available online for free

Campaign’s latest issue is out now!

Some of you will be receiving hard copies to your door, and for those of you who are not yet on the mailing list but would like to take advantage of Motivate’s free distribution of our magazines, drop a line to my colleague Siraj ([email protected]). He will sort you out. And not only with Campaign. He can also subscribe you to other Motivate titles including What’s On, Gulf Business, Emirates Woman and more.

If you are more digitally inclined (or impatient), you can find a full version of the magazine here on ISSUU.

And we will be loading stories from the latest issue on to our website in the coming weeks.

There is some great reading for you. We have a focus on influencer marketing, for a start. We had planned this some months ago, and actually considered dropping it when the Covid-19 pandemic crisis hit. We thought influencers might take a back seat to the crisis. But if anything, many content creators have managed to make themselves more relevant, and the whole influencer ecosystem is changing. If you’d like to find out more, there’s articles galore in the mag.

And our cover story is on ‘The New Media’. And no, we’ve not just discovered the internet. Rather, we wanted to examine what Covid-19 has done to media channels including print, cinema, out-of-home, events, digital and more. And we wanted to find out not only what has happened and how they are coping, but how their basic structures are likely to change once lockdown passes and we begin to emerge into the aftermath of the pandemic.

So we approached some experts at the top of media companies in various fields to get this information right from the source. These include a couple of Campaign’s co-workers (Motivate Media Group is a major publishing house, as well as encompassing a cinema advertising arm and an influencer agency, among other business units).

Those industry leaders delivered some frank insights into the state of media today and its outlook for tomorrow.

Check out the feature. It will help prepare us for an uncertain future.

Enjoy the magazine and stay safe.

Austyn Allison, editor