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OOH Industry Snapshot: Media Mix and Starz Media’s Paul Abouchacra


What effect is technology having on the business of OOH?

In recent years, there have been several major innovations in OOH media – vivid three-dimensional digital billboards, data and targeting. These new products are offering better return on investment from OOH campaigns and, as a consequence, investment in OOH campaigns is rising, where clients can access these innovations. This allows state of the art image displays to pave the way to proper measurements tools to determine reach, frequency, and campaign effectiveness.

What metrics should be used to measure OOH success?

There is a growth of demand for market research and audience measurement services across the region. Success is very elusive in OOH, since each client has different metrics to measure his campaign’s OOH success. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that CPM plays the biggest factor to determine the success level of an OOH campaign – how well was the budget allocated to achieve maximum reach within the target audience?

What clients are asking you for?

Clients’ needs evolve based on their campaign objectives. They are seeking OOH creative innovations and digitisation, along with proper measurement tools to evaluate their campaign success. Of course, the best value for money, superior service and highest quality are the basis towards the successful long-term mutual business relationship.

How can OOH be better integrated into other brand communication channels?

OOH is a 24-hour support medium that connects, complements and links all communication channels together. OOH is still a crucial element of any marketing activity in a buzzing city as it helps to elevate awareness, reach and frequency. OOH is now integrating with social media, and in the near future programmatic buying will bring efficiency to the process of buying advertising inventory.

What legislation or regulation would you like to see applied to the industry?

It would be great to see a committee comprised of leading OOH experts and governing authorities, with an objective to regulate and supervise the industry code of conduct. This will create an environment of fair competition and standardised value-added initiatives to elevate the industry standards and eliminate clutter.