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Next Gen Scan features hit Snapchat

Snapchat rolls out the Next Generation Scan features.

Two years ago, Snapchat introduced Scan to help Snapchatters discover and understand the world around them in the fastest and easiest way possible with its Camera.

The company has begun the rollout of the Next Generation Scan features to Snapchat, bringing the Scan button front and centre, and adding increased functionality allowing Snapchatters to find fun and helpful experiences in categories including fashion, food, plants and more. Next Generation Scan has begun rolling out globally to iOS users. Availability on Android will follow over the next few weeks.

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From finding a fun lens that perfectly expresses your mood, to helping you navigate grocery store aisles, or even your own pantry, Scan and our Camera is a starting point to help Snapchatters express themselves and learn about the world.

Scan will now also offer suggestions for different ways to use the Camera, including Camera Shortcuts and unique shopping capabilities. Camera Shortcuts suggest camera modes, lenses, and soundtracks relevant to what is seen through the Snapchat Camera. Camera Shortcuts has begun rolling out to iOS users globally and will be available to Android users globally by the end of this year.

Shopping with the Snap Camera is behaviour the company is also leaning into with Scan because the company sees it as a trend that’s here to stay.

Snap is providing a seamless shopping experience directly from the Camera, whether that’s in the moment when you see an outfit you love, or later because you’ve screenshotted it for inspiration.

People love to take screenshots of things they see online and come back to it later, and with Scan, Snap is making that easier than ever. Just tap into your screenshots and use Scan technology to find and buy those outfits with shopping capabilities through Memories.

Shopping through Memories is available to 15 per cent of Snapchatters on iOS and is planned to be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.