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New energy drink’s campaign takes on a feline twist

Credits: Sherif Mounir

Egyptian–based energy drink Volt’s latest campaign takes on a new twist, a feline one.

The campaign aims to showcase Volt’s proposition of “helping you deal with your daily life by increasing your performance”.

To show its energy drink propositions in the ad film, setting itself apart from its competitors, Volt ditches the bored human, to opt for a bored cat instead.

Titled, ‘Keep the High Volt’, the ad film revolves around a cat experiencing an entirely different day,  one filled with “vigor and vitality”  with some friends.

The ad film begins with a domesticated cat that’s seemingly bored.

The cat then decides to drink from an unattended Volt can that is left by its owner on the table.

Tipping on its side, the cat licks away at the drink and then it suddenly transforms into a human sized cat.

As a human-sized cat, it goes onto enjoy various activities, such as sunbathing by the pool, hanging out with its friends. It also takes over at a party to play music as the DJ, while sipping volt and dancing with a group.

It orders in pizza, reads books as wells takes its chance to drive along the street in a convertible.

Finally the day ends with it playing football games with its friends on the TV, before the drink runs out and the cat returns back to its boring old life.

Creative credits

Director: Sherif Mounir
Agency: RACK Advertising Agency – Mohamed Anwar and Nada A. Azzam
Production House: Matchstick Film
Executive Producer: Soliman Assaad
Producer: Emad Ghatas
Line Producer: Hala Amin
Production Manager: Mahmoud Sabry
Post Producer: Sherif Alaraby
DOP: Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi
Art Director: Salma Taimour
Art Direction Team: Buthaina Taimour and Karim Elshehaby
Edit and Sound Design:  VIVID Studios – Hussien Mokhtar
Post Producer: Sarah Abouzeid
Color Grading: Lzrd and Ahmed El Gendy
Music:  DMP and Mohamed Elfarra