New electriclimefilms director Tig Terera to premiere Tinashé short at Sydney Film Festival

New electriclimefilms director Tig Terera will premiere his latest short, Tinashé, at the upcoming Sydney Film Festival.

The Melbourne-based filmmaker is a top up-and-coming talent on the electriclimefilms roster, and his project is a finalist for the Dendy Award for Best Live Action Australian Short.

Terera’s films focus on drawing emotions out of his audience, and with the strength of cinematic moments in his stories, he delivers authentic acting and space in his work to truly engage the viewer.

Terera’s short is set to play at the Sydney Film Festival on November 13 and 14, and the filmmaker, who electriclimefilms represent in the APAC and the Middle East regions, is excited to be able to release his project.

“I’m thrilled to be premiering Tinashé́ and it’s my first short film to play in an Academy Qualifying festival,” Terera said.

“It’s an ode to friendship and tells the story after Tinashé́, a sweet, but lost teenager gets kicked out of home, he moves into his chaotic best friend’s bed whilst attempting to navigate adulthood and love for the first time.

“It’s been over a year in the making and we’re all very excited for its festival circuit to begin.

“It’s the project I’m most proud of. My main collaborator and cinematographer Jesse Lane, and producer Lilah Benetti, really proved it’s possible to make it on the same stage as films with ten times the budget.”

Whether working on commercial projects, music videos or short films, Terera is strong with managing organic performances from his actors and he is always looking for the truth in his projects.

“My filmmaking style is one that loves quick, hard-hitting, multiple mediums and the other as important human stories that might make you happy-cry,” Terera added.

“I really try to internalise my inspirations as much as possible. Of course, I have idols – Barry Jenkins, Tyler, The Creator, Atong Atem, Jesse Lane – but I really just try to make films I want to watch, but can’t find.”

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