New collaboration with Finesse Group and AllDetails to help businesses in the Middle East

The new service by Finesse Group and AllDetails gives businesses the tools to tap into the potential of the Middle Eastern market, following Expo 2020 Dubai.

A new consultancy service promises to help businesses make a great first impression in the Middle East, making the most of the region’s many opportunities highlighted throughout Expo 2020 Dubai.

Born of a collaboration between two top business communications agencies, the service pairs the business etiquette expertise of the Finesse Group with the unique regional understanding of AllDetails, based in Dubai and operating in the GCC for over 15 years.

“Unless you have lived or travelled extensively in the Middle East, doing business there can remain quite a mystery as it operates in a different way from the rest of the world,” explains Isabel Tapp, founder and CEO of AllDetails. “Each country within the Middle East has its own cultural nuances and expected way of doing business – and if you are not aware of these nuances, or do not know the whole region intimately, then this can lead to major challenges in terms of making a good first impression and achieving your desired outcomes.”

Through this bespoke service, which is tailored to their individual needs, companies can tap into this valuable regional knowledge while also receiving guidance on modern business etiquette, to ensure a successful entry into the Middle Eastern market, specifically in and around the UAE and GCC countries.

“Having worked extensively with AllDetails in the past, we know how critical both business etiquette and regional understanding is to success in the Middle East,” explains Jo Caruana, Founder and CEO of Finesse Group and business etiquette consultant at Finesse Consulta. “We have created this service specifically for companies or individuals that are trying to launch or attract clients in the region, giving them everything they need to know to enter the market.

“Without this knowledge, the stakes are high: if you inadvertently offend it is difficult to recover, possibly resulting in your business failing to get off the ground – and all in what is quickly becoming one of the world’s most lucrative and fast-growing regions.”

Following Expo 2020 Dubai, which closed on March 31, interest in the Middle East is higher than ever and opportunities abound. The Expo, open for six months from October last year, welcomed attendees to 192 country pavilions to share the power of innovation through technological advances, immersive cultural experiences and live performances.

Touted as ‘one of the Middle East’s most influential PR and communications professionals’, Maltese-born Isabel Tapp is well-placed to help clients to capitalise on these new opportunities with AllDetails, a boutique communications and marketing agency specialising in the GCC and greater Middle Eastern region.

At Finesse Group, Jo Caruana specialises in curating every aspect of the customer journey for businesses. Today one of five micro-companies within the Group, Finesse Consulta helps organisations to successfully overcome the challenges of making a good first impression with their desired clients, whether in the B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) space.

More information about Finesse Group is available at www.byfinessegroup.com and about AllDetails at www.alldetails.net.