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Netizency is 10 years young – by Fadi Khater

After hitting a key milestone, it is time to get back to basics says Netizency’s founder and managing partner Fadi Khater

This month, Netizency turns 10. That is, 10 years young.

We’ve spent the past 10 years perfecting the art of staying young at heart while delivering kick-ass results.

Our secret? We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We have a 25-year-old CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) who plans office birthdays (fun fact: we’ve celebrated exactly 205 of them), company activities, and makes sure we celebrate every occasion including International Burger Day. We don’t stop at celebrations, we have designed our office to include everything from a swing and massage chair to a Street Fighter II arcade, and a snooze pod, including many superhero figurines and a fuzzy blue Cookie Monster plushie that’s always ready for a hug. We know that hard work and fun can go hand in hand, and we’re not afraid to blur the lines between work and play (this is how we were able to get through 4.29 million emails over the past 10 years).

Sure, we may not always have a concrete plan, but that’s the beauty of it. We trust our team to improvise. We’ve made it a point to create a culture of positivity, where our team is encouraged to take risks, learn from their mistakes and create magic – this includes but is not limited to 103,562 social media posts, 15,000 video edits and 1,000 shoots. Because let’s be honest, people don’t know what they want until we show them.

We’ve made mistakes, we’ve learned from them, and we’ve grown (in size not in spirit). We believe in the power of simplicity, focusing on our core strengths and doing them better than anyone else. And boy, have we delivered. We’ve worked with 3,214 clients, developed the social media strategies for 97 brands, produced 5,527 performance reports, published 794 articles on our blog (that’s a lot of typing), and have been published 145 times.

But the real proof is in the pudding – which is composed of 42.95 terabytes of cloud storage. We’ve landed some pretty big fish, including McDonald’s, TikTok, Lenovo, Emirates NBD, Marks & Spencer and Sesame Workshop. And let’s not forget the countless smiles we’ve brought to our clients’ (and their customers’) faces. Also, and just so you know, we have served 22 billion media impressions and attracted 317 million engagements.

So what’s our theme for this year? Simplicity. We’re getting back to the basics, streamlining our processes, and focusing on what we do best. We believe that enjoying what you do every day, laughing, and being happy is what delivers great results.

As we gear up for the next 10 years, we’ve done some soul-searching and made some exciting changes to our identity, both inside and out. We have rebranded to a new Netizency, one that is younger, better, faster, and stronger. So watch out world, this kid is here to stay.