World Music Day on Anghami: a whole month of celebrations

Because Music Day is not just one day per year, Anghami chose to celebrate World Music Day over one month. Starting June 8th and until mid-July, the virtual encounters between artists and fans are daily through the Live Radio feature.

Music Day feels different this year on Anghami, for it won’t be only celebrated on June 21st. In fact, the celebrations started two weeks prior to World Music Day and will get extended for two additional weeks.

And it’s a double party this year since fans are getting the chance to come closer to their favourite artists through the Live Radio feature that was launched lately by the platform and that was lovingly adopted by the users.

Starting June 8th, Anghami users had a daily rendez-vous with artists from all over the Arab world, they listened to them playing their favourite tracks, they even sent them messages and questions and were able to receive live audio answers!

The guests’ list is long and includes artists from Lebanon such as Joseph Attieh and Mike Massy, from Saudi Arabia some Sheilat stars like Meteeb Shaalan, Abdallah Al Farwan and Ghareeb Al Mokhles, and from Iraq Ali Jassem, Mostafa Abdallah and Saif Amer, and not to forget the North African artists Phobia Isaac, Tati G13, Cheb Nasro and many others.

On a daily basis and over one hour, artists were able to connect via Live Radio with their fans, they picked their favourite music and played it for them, then they answered their questions.

The celebrations’ highlight was on June 21st, with a non-stop audio show for more than 4 consecutive hours, including more than ten artists.

And since music on Anghami is a daily pleasure, those encounters between artists and fans will last for two additional weeks.

More on this link: https://play.anghami.com/profile/105200552