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Mr. Monopoly rolls a dice and lands in Abu Dhabi

Monopoly, the board game, has launched a new campaign in the expectation of the launch of the Abu Dhabi Monopoly edition.

Mr. Monopoly will make appearances around the capital of UAE to “choose the landmarks” for his board.

The campaign kicked off with the famed character’s first appearance at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Posted on instagram stories was a silhouette of the bow-tie wearing Monopoly man.

Silhouette of the top-hat wearing Monopoly man

The campaign has also asked people to spot Mr. Monopoly across the key locations in the city, where he will undertake numerous activities.

The old man can be found tagged under #MrMonopolyinTown and #MonopolyAbuDhabi on instagram.

In order to drive more social media traction, the Monopoly team asked residents and visitors to take pictures of the mascot when they spot him and post them with the hashtags on social media.

It has also made a guessing game of which locations will appear on the board, as the mascot visits several destinations across the city, to choose the ones that will appear on the board.

“Players” will get the chance to “Pass Go” when Mr. Monopoly launches and reveals the new Abu Dhabi Exclusive Edition board in December.

The campaign is run in collaboration with integrated marketing agency 6W agency and Winning Moves.

Winning Moves is the company behind the official Abu Dhabi Monopoly board game under license from Hasbro.

The entire campaign will run till the launch of the board.