MMP World Wide becomes the first local marketplace in GCC to Join the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

The company will now progress towards TAG’s certifications to tackle ad fraud, malware and promote better brand safety in the region.

MMP World Wide (MMPWW), an adtech solutions provider, became the first local marketplace in the GCC region to join the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). The move comes as the company doubles down on its commitment to tackling criminal activity and promoting brand safety in digital advertising across the market.

Achieving TAG certification will help MMPWW to better combat ad fraud and malvertising, as well as minimizing the risk of ad misplacement. TAG’s standards are delivering significant value by ensuring companies are able to conduct business with legitimate partners, differentiate its inventory as trustworthy and ensure its brand is not damaged by fraud, piracy or malware.

MMP World Wide CEO, Ayman Haydar, says: “We all need to be accountable for how we interact and transact online today. The digital advertising landscape is complex, which is why we need universal standards to ensure we minimize risk and ensure legitimacy with every ad placement.

“Being the first local marketplace to join TAG in the GCC and progress towards certification ensures that we are best positioned to encourage others to adopt these measures. As a business, we are listed among the most known and trusted players in the digital ad ecosystem, helping to drive forward and support the growth of a transparent digital advertising supply chain.”

Nick Stringer, Vice-President of Global Engagement & Operations at TAG, says: “MMP World Wide is leading the way in the GCC region by joining TAG and now working towards adhering to robust standards to tackle criminal activity and promote brand safety in digital advertising. TAG hopes others will follow to establish a trusted market for brand investment, something that both ABG and IAB support and wish to see happen.”