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MG drivers break away from trends

The story of this film is inspired by MG drivers who break away from established trends to set their own. It revolves around three different Saudi individuals that embody the spirit of young Saudi Arabia’s progressive culture. They’re intelligent, ambitious, and they do things their own way, but they never forget who they are and where they come from, and they have no delusions about where they’re going.

In this direction, the Saudi individuals
 own that attitude: to be loud but respectful, to be out and about and active in their passions, style, and expression.

The film aims to showcase the stories of their heroes and what they’re passionate about in their lives.

It also aims to celebrate its audience, while telling them that their passion belongs to them and that its their right.

MG MOTOR SAUDI from The Film House Dubai UAE on Vimeo.


Agency: RAPP
Client: MG Motor Saudi
Production House: The Film House Dubai
Director: Anwar Al Amin