mFilterIt launches Q-commerce tool, mScanit

mFilterIt has launched the second phase of its AI-powered solution suite, mScanIt, which allows quick commerce (Q-commerce) brands to keep ahead of the game and be the preferred outlet choice for consumers in a crowded online market. 

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The mScanIt tool helps online retailers keep products at an optimal price, manage stock availability and safeguard brand reputation by drawing marketplace insight for both the brands and their competitors so brand custodians know what action needs to be taken to maintain an edge over their competition. With more people shopping online than ever before, and brands feeling increased pressure to offer fast delivery as a core service, mScanIt is an essential tool for Q-commerce brands. 

Amit Relan, co-founder and director, mFilterIt said: “The Q-commerce sector reported revenue of $100 million in 2021 and the ever-growing market is experiencing accelerated growth due to consumers looking for convenience more than ever. In such a saturated online market, brands need a solution suite like mScanIt to ensure repeat purchases and to ensure consumer satisfaction, which is exactly why we created mScanIt.”

The mScanIt tool’s key functions include price scanning and price review across online shopping platforms so brands can keep products at an optimal price, as well as stockout management. mScanIt helps brands forecast and manage stock outs by showing stock availability daily, weekly, and monthly, with real-time insights, while showing competitor availability across online marketplaces. mScanIt also helps brands safeguard their reputation and facilitate replying and resolving consumer issues in real-time, which is now an essential service for any reputable and trusted online brand.  

Debsena Chakraborty, VP business development MENA, mFilterIt added: “Q-commerce brands are rapidly transforming consumer behaviour and this change called for a solution to manage all aspects that remain relevant across e-commerce platforms. Brands need a solution that can manage the factors that impact product listings, sales, revenue, content and advertisements and mScanIt offers a deep-dive solution into all of these aspects.”