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Meta announces new updates for creators

All updates are made possible in the professional dashboard, the one-stop-shop for all creator resources

Meta has announced new ways for creators to test their content and understand performance to grow on.

All of this is made possible in the professional dashboard, the one-stop-shop for all creator resources.

Test Different Reels Content

Meta is rolling out a reels A/B testing tool that allows creators to test different captions and thumbnails on their mobile device to see which one performs best.

While creating a reel on mobile, creators can test up to four different captions or thumbnails.

Results of the test will appear in the professional dashboard and automatically display the winning variant on the persons profile or page unless they change it.

Meta is also experimenting with incorporating generative AI to help you create different caption and thumbnail options in the future.

Now it is easily accessible create reels from existing video posts and livestreams.

Track progress and awards

Over the past year, Meta rolled out a number of features in professional dashboard to help creators learn tips and earn badges for reaching their goals.

Achievements hub has also been introduced in the professional dashboard where education, stars, reels and progression are all in one place.

There’s also a new achievement called reels streaks earned by posting Reels on a weekly basis.

Creators who are 18+ that finish all progression levels can become eligible to get increased visibility in feed or have the ‘Rising Creator’ label featured on their page or profile.


Manage content in one place

They have added a content management tool to the professional dashboard to see all posts, reels and videos in one place.

From there, creators can easily view each individual post and take actions like hiding it from profile and pages or moving it to the trash.

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Access more

Whether creating content on Facebook or crosspost from Instagram, insights in the professional dashboard provide the information needed to analyze performance on Facebook and make more content that will resonate with the audience.

 A number of new reels metrics have been added to the professional dashboard, including reels-specific reach broken down by followers and non-followers, a distribution score that tells how your reel did compared to your other reels and an audience retention graph showing how long an audience watched a reel and when they stopped watching it.