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Memac Ogilvy supports Messi’s fans with campaign for IKEA

Memac Ogilvy created a post as a reactive piece of social content in response to Messi leaving FC Barcelona. Memac Ogilvy knew die-hard Messi fans would be heartbroken — so the team wanted to help fans always keep a piece of Messi’s legacy. So instead of tucked away in their wardrobes, as a reminder that they could never wear it during another game, the team decided to help fans frame the t-shirt in their homes.
Aliya Khatri, copywriter, Memac Ogilvy sayd: “IKEA is a great brand to write for due to its fun, quirky, yet caring nature. With IKEA’s strong brand personality, it’s always easy to tell their story through each content piece. This also makes it that much rewarding to jump on t

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