MCN rolls out managerial shake-up following review

MCN has restructured its senior management following a strategic review of the holding group’s entire business.

With immediate effect, each agency within the group – which includes FP7, Lowe, Weber Shandwick, UM, Innovations and Promoseven 360/MRM/Healthcare – will be headed up by a regional CEO. It is understood that the changes are part of wider organisational improvements set to be implemented by MCN.

The move follows an eight-month analysis of the holding group’s performance – spearheaded by Ricarda Ruecker, vice-president of leadership and organisation development – and a regional visit by McCann Worldgroup’s new CEO, Nick Brien, in June. McCann Worldgroup, which is part of Interpublic (IPG), is present in the region via agency brands UM, ad shop McCann Erickson (through an affiliation with FP7), and PR outfit Weber Shandwick, all of which are part of MCN regionally. IPG has had a majority stake of 51 per cent in MCN since 2008.

The key management changes include the promotion of Tarek Miknas (pictured), formerly growth officer at Lowe MENA, to CEO of the FP7 Group, and the appointment of Mohamad Haidar as chief operating officer of MCN. In his new role, Miknas will work closely with all FP7 offices in the region. Haidar, who was previously chief financial officer, will oversee MCN’s media agencies, as well the commercial aspects of all the group’s operations.

Rajeev Buddhiraja has been made CEO of Promoseven 360 with an oversight of MRM and McCann Healthcare; Weber Shandwick’s managing director, Ziad Hasbani, becomes CEO of Weber Shandwick MENA; Mounir Harfouche is now CEO of Lowe MENA; and Tom Roychoudhury has been made CEO of Innovations. Peter Davies, COO of the FP7 Group, will consult and advise Miknas.

“During the past eight months we have analysed our performance in depth – as to where we stand and how we are perceived,” said Fadi Salameh, president and CEO of MCN. “We’ve critically reviewed how we are performing and we conduct business day-to-day. We have used tools like climate surveys, done talent reviews across all levels in the entire region, conducted management reviews and in-depth individual management assessments. The results of these reviews and assessments are now being rolled out.”

There will be closer alignment with MCN’s global partners, with Luca Lindner, president of McCann Worldgroup Latin America, Africa and Middle East, becoming a board member of MCN.

“It’s time for the next generation to be empowered to make the leap into the future for MCN,” said Salameh. “I believe we need to focus on the product, incorporate digital across the board and capitalise on new opportunities that will fast forward the entire group into a best-practice advertising and marketing communications solutions powerhouse.”


  • Where’s Yahya Hammoudi gone? I thought he was running the show. Has he been let go?

  • anyone know what happened to azmi yafi? where/how can he b found?

    and about this feature…. the whole mcn is a freaky culture… salesmen that plague advertising… fact. and the culture continues, with new sales tactics.

    ipg, and mccann should rethink their mid east strategy… there is a lot of money to be lost in the long term…

  • I am glad that they have appointed someone competent and perfect for the job! He has passion, vision, hunger and dedication to achieving, all the qualities that are hard to come by these days.

  • The whole advertising industry in the MENA region is going nowhere!!!! find me one “Arab made brand” that is among the top 150 brands wordlwide!!!!!
    It’s petty that the “GURUS” of the advertising industry in the region are busy counting their $$$$$ and driving their expensive cars….forgetting completely that advertising is about “People Building” and not only “Bank Account Filling”….
    I hoped that it’s not too late to rescue this very important idustry….

  • i wish tarek all the best in his new responsibilities .I’m sure he will receive all the support from the people around him.

  • Tarek has creativity in his DNA, he will create an environment where people will want to work and will excel. A transfer of power from the old to the new is much needed and terribly overdue. We need the huge lumbering agencies like FP7 to at least want to change so I applaud the effort and the process. Let’s stop bashing and start supporting change. The best of luck to the new MCN and Tarek et al.

  • Nothing will change there. Unfortunately FP7 is a dinosaur on roller skates, it’s too big to change, the current model it exists in is completely outdated. I like Tarek and wish him well.

  • change ur name to mccann erickson, boys. the fortune promoseven brand does not give confidence, and is a lousy name that sets u a century back. modernize. i totally agree with shakemo!

    and ya, where is hammoudi? when does fadi step down and put a crown on his head? god help the industry then!!!

  • ps, just took a peek at the fp77 site. have not been there in a long time. wow! guys, u seriously need to do something. if this is what u present urself to be, the dinosaur is going to die soon, and all that will be left behind is a rotting carcass.

    good luck! i think it is needed.

  • So you people think someone who cannot even come on time (twice) to a pitch meeting for a $12 million dollar business is going to turn the MCN network around. I know – they were pitching to me.

  • Having been there I applaud the change. Tarek, congrats, you have moved up fast and I realize you have the backing which should be a great recipe for success. You need to reconsider who is advising you as, in my opinion, he just brings in a new spin on the old ways that has given the group such a bad reputation, but I am sure you know that
    To FP7 he was probably advised of the timing by the guy in hiding in Riyadh and Gladiator, I agree they need some real creative guidance to move forward.
    Now fix your planning and creative and you have the formula for success Good luck – Sincerely

  • The guy in hiding HAS BEEN SPOTTED, he is taking over the Ad world with his new agency – First brief in from Libya’s Gadafi……

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