‘Maximising your marketing career potential’: Middlesex University Dubai becomes a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) study centre

Middlesex University Dubai has achieved partner status with the CIM offering four specialised courses to boost employability potential of marketing professionals - while several programmes now have CIM Graduate Gateway status.

Marketers looking to enhance their career potential can now further their skills at Middlesex University Dubai – as the university joins forces with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM); the world’s largest professional marketing body.

Middlesex University Dubai has been officially accredited as a CIM Study Centre and will now offer four specialised qualifications from January.

The qualifications- focusing on the practical application of the latest marketing theories and strategies in areas such as marketing planning, market research and marketing management, and digital innovation are ideal for marketers who are looking to managing the marketing process at an operational level, as well as those looking to build on their knowledge with a future management role in mind.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the world’s leading professional marketing body and has over 30,000 members worldwide encompassing more than 3,000 Chartered Marketers including a branch in the UAE. CIM qualifications are a proven way to boost and enhance career prospects within the field of marketing.

After university degrees, CIM qualifications are the most sought after by employers with over 60 studies showing that 60 per cent of CIM graduates are more respected at work or given more responsibility, while more than a third of CIM graduates get promoted or receive a pay rise within 12 months of graduating.

As one of the few CIM Accredited Study Centre training available in Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai is offering four professional CIM qualifications, each consisting of three modules with classes available during weekends for working professionals.

The qualifications include a Certificate in Professional Marketing suitable for those in a marketing or associated role – which focuses on applied marketing, planning campaigns and customer insights. The Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing focuses on applied digital marketing and techniques, while a Diploma in Professional Marketing focuses on marketing and digital strategy, innovation in marketing and digital customer experience. Lastly, the Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing focuses on marketing and digital strategy, digital optimisation and digital customer experience.

Each module will be delivered within a two-day intensive period (Friday-Saturday) which is supported with online learning material. It is ideal for those working in marketing who are looking to study for professional qualification to further boost their knowledge, skills and career prospects as well as adding greater value to their current organisation.

Prospective students can expect to glean a range of skills including learning more about the role of marketing in the organisation and the key concepts that underpin the activities of the marketer, the knowledge and skills to plan and implement successful campaigns that deliver real results for an organisation, the importance of the customer/user experience, a digital strategic approach to marketing planning, and more.

The partnership means many programmes being offered at Middlesex University Dubai now have CIM Graduate Gateway status – providing students and graduates with exemptions from some CIM modules as well as the unique opportunity to gain a professional qualification or award alongside their marketing degree.

Those programmes include MBA, MSc Digital Marketing, MSc Strategic Marketing, MSc Corporate and Marketing Communication, BA Honours Marketing and BA Honours Business Management (Marketing).

Dr Cedwyn Fernandes, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Director of Middlesex University Dubai said: “Higher education is no longer a single engagement in a student’s life, or a mid-point between high school and a career.”

“Today, and into the future, higher education’s role is ongoing as the demands of the future job market now require individuals to continuously up-skill and re-skill in order to remain relevant. Middlesex University Dubai has long championed the importance of life-long learning.”

“By becoming an accredited CIM Study Centre – one of just a few across the UAE – we are giving a helping hand to those in the marketing profession looking for ways to gain the further skills required to achieve their career potential while remaining globally competitive.”

“We are constantly looking at ways to enhance and evolve our offering of programmes to prospective students and we are delighted with this latest partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, of which will open up a new pathway for the thousands of marketing professionals living and working in Dubai.”

Matt Brown, a Lecturer in the School of Business at Middlesex University Dubai and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM), added:

“Having spent many years working in industry I know how valuable it is to an organisation and its future growth to have professionally qualified marketing and sales staff. There are no better professional qualifications in than the CIM to bring people up to date with new industry thinking and practice. CIM qualifications is an investment for individuals looking to improve their CV and it an investment for organisations looking to improve their business performance and retain good staff.

I have taught CIM successfully to students from all over the world and now I am delighted to be able to teaching CIM to marketers and aspiring marketing professionals in the UAE here at the Five Star rated institution Middlesex University Dubai.”

Julian Weiland, who is currently pursuing his MBA at Middlesex University Dubai, commented, “I am convinced that we will have an edge in our career over other candidates through the programme’s affiliation with CIM.”

With innovation and imagination at its core, Middlesex University Dubai is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing demands of the job market to ensure all students are 100 per cent employable after graduation while offering continual career guidance long past finishing their course.

Prospective students to Middlesex University Dubai can enjoy safe and secure surroundings and a wide variety of programmes spanning not only Law and Criminology, but also Business, Art and Design, Science and Technology, Health and Education, Media, and more. Students who choose to pursue their academic journey at Middlesex University Dubai are also being offered the opportunity to transfer to its home campus in London during their studies.

Other benefits include a unique student experience, student accommodation, a simplified student visa process, end-to-end career support, the option to work during study, flexible payment plans, and a wealth of networking opportunities through the university’s strong links within industries.

As part of its School Partnership Programme, Middlesex University Dubai has several benefits for students from dozens of partner schools. These include guaranteed admissions/interviews for students who meet the minimum entry criteria for their chosen programme, a Schools Progression Grant awarded to students enrolling on to one of our undergraduate programmes, access to a number of Academic Excellence Scholarship Grants and invitations to taster sessions, guest lectures, bespoke presentations and workshops.