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Max Fashion Ramadan Matching Moments

The holy month of Ramadan is finally upon us, a month that brands anticipate and prepare for months in advance. Ramadan is characterised by a change in consumer behaviour, especially in terms of content consumption, and that’s why brands look for unique and innovative ways to stand out from the rest and get their content across to their audiences on social media. For fashion brands, in particular, it’s usually through showcasing their collections and how they can be styled for Iftar or Suhoor. But how can these fashion brands distinguish themselves from their competitors in a content-cluttered month?

For Max Fashion, it was emphasising a differentiating factor that other fashion brands lack: Mother Daughter Matching Collection. This Ramadan, Hashtag Social Media Agency, in partnership with Starfish Agency, teamed up with mothers and their daughters to show us their matching outfits but with a twist. Instead of the mothers choosing their matching mother-daughter outfits, we asked the daughters to choose them themselves. The final outcome was 3 (adorable) Instagram Reels videos with a total of 203K views in less than a week with the highest number of views going to the video of twins Dima and Chaza and their daughters.

By introducing the influencers’ daughters in the video, the audience got to see a glimpse of how the mothers interact with them, highlighting the genuine connections they share. This in turn had an effect on the number of comments per video as the audience interacted with the content more. For instance, the 3 videos yielded a 471% increase in comments than usual with influencer Noor Oddeh and her daughter Eliana getting 52 comments.

This new take on Ramadan styling videos is a great example of how brands are finding new and creative ways to create content, and Hashtag Agency is happy to partner with brands like Max Fashion to do so.