Mawdoo3 and ArabyAds announce partnership

Global ad-tech company ArabyAds and ThePubverse, ArabyAds’ publisher monetisation platform, have announced their partnership with regional Arabic content publisher Mawdoo3.

As a part of the partnership, ArabyAds will become the exclusive media representative for the Arabic publisher.

The partnership will bring together the advertiser base of ArabyAds and ThePubverse and the massive audience reach and content of Mawdoo3.

Mawdoo3 has more than 100 million organic unique monthly visitors globally and 32 million unique visitors from the GCC, along with 25 million social followers across all platforms. It offers Arabic content across various platforms in the areas of health, parenting, education, and entertainment and AI.

ThePubverse ecosystem aims to enhance publisher outreach through behavioural targeting, enabling efficient monetisation of traffic for publishers in the MENA region.

ThePubverse ecosystem will be deployed across Mawdoo3’s platforms for ad monetisation.

Commenting on the development, Mahmoud Fathy, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ArabyAds said, “I am delighted with this partnership as it opens up new opportunities for the ecosystem. Advertisers across the region will now be able to access a massive, highly engaged Arabic-speaking audience cohort through Mawdoo3’s penetration in the region, and consumers will be able to get relevant ads as recommendations based on their interests, context, age group, and affinities. This is yet another step that aligns with our vision to create value, bridging the gap between advertisers, platforms, and consumers through technology and innovation.”

Adding to the development, Imad Sarrouf, CEO of ThePubverse said, “This is a big step towards strengthening a technology-first ecosystem that lays its foundations on building for the advertising landscape. ThePubVerse’s AI-led platform will aim towards maximising eCPMs (effective Cost per thousand impressions) for Mawdoo3, while its data-science engine would work on mapping audience to relevant ads as non-intrusive recommendations. What’s noteworthy is the platform’s capabilities to do this at scale, with Mawdoo3’s massive audience base. I am looking forward to strengthening this partnership for growing the business.”

Rami Al-Qawasmi, CEO of Mawdoo3, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting its potential to expand business reach and enhance the advertising experience in the region. “This step aligns with our vision to create value for both readers and advertisers. With our cutting-edge landscape and sizable audience base, merged with ThePubverse’s experience in the digital landscape, advertisers can have access to a highly engaged Arab audience, while delivering relevant ads as recommendations based on their interests.”