Matter Of Fact – A Pandemonium of Change

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Ahmad Itani is a passionate educator and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of public relations consultancy Cicero & Bernay.

The pandemic did not change anything; change is inevitable. What it did do was compel us to progress at a faster pace than we were planning on doing. Remote work and meetings? Eventually, no doubt; maybe in the coming few years or decade.

We are now propelled to the future at such a rate, pausing to consider the path forward is no longer viable. Things started happening in real-time, like free-falling as part of a skydive: it no longer matters how you fall, but how you land.

Everything we took time to perfect and finetune paid off in droves, and the more prepared and equipped a business was, the faster it was able to find its grounding throughout the pandemic and into the still-uncharted coming months, building towards 2021.

If you were to peruse the projected consumer trends from 2019 for this year, you would be excused if they seemed like relics of the past. The future is here and all that we have learned over the past year will influence everything that will be for next year and beyond.



Game Changer:

Stick ‘em up

In an effort to further clamp down on the spread of COVID-19, the Abu Dhabi government is now placing a sticker next to the doors of the homes whose family members were tested positive. What brought upon this measure was a drive to maintain the safety and well-being of communities and the society at large.


Breaking the Net

Curb your online support
Celebrities from around the world did not post on Instagram for 24 hours to hit back at Facebook, the owner of Instagram, for the excess of misinformation on the platform. While fans certainly did take note, granting the story its viral status, the initiative accomplished little and did less to complement the efforts of those who had been vocal online and IRL over the past months and years.



What you see is not what you get

What’s one way to earn yourself a spot in this section? Deceive your customers by trying to pull a fast one on them. Burger King UAE was promoting a plant-based whopper whose patty is egg-based. Making matters worse, the community managers have been deleting the comments of those pointing out the error. Hey, Burger King: ‘Be Your Way’ means empowering your customers.