Matter of Fact – A New World Journey

Ahmad Itani is a passionate educator and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of public relations consultancy Cicero & Bernay

A New World Journey
Disruption, re-evaluation, and adaptability are the clear themes of 2020, and the creative re-configurations of our businesses and the mindful shift in work-life balance are where our focus currently is. Given the global crisis we are all experiencing, companies and our government are focusing on improving the process, developing further flexibility in communicating and creative problem-solving.

Looking ahead to see the possibilities and challenge the boundaries are at the essence of what we need to do. This moment is not about fear but about potential and hope. It is a time that asks us to reflect on our relationships, values, and internal dialogues, but also, to appreciate how deeply connected we are to each other on a global scale – a reminder of how we all share a common understanding.

These concepts may cause a sense of discomfort, as is the case through all transitional phases, however, with the right perspective and dedication, meaningful changes will take place.


Shop and walk
Amazon GO launched two years ago to much fanfare for allowing customers to scan their apps as they entered, pick out the items they want, and just walk out, while having their accounts automatically charged without the need to checkout. Amazon is now seeking to integrate the technology in third-party stores.


Cabinet – 19
The UAE held its first remote cabinet meeting, in a move to encourage the nation to practise social distancing. Not only are remote meetings among the key measures taken by the UAE government to contain the spread of COVID-19, but they also represent a progressive look at the future of the corporate world.


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t
With 800 million users and an abundance of content, TikTok has allegedly been selective with whom they promote, hiding or limiting a content creator’s reach if it deems their face to be unattractive or their body shape disproportionate. The motive was to prevent online bullying, but isn’t limiting reach an act of bullying as well?