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Masdar City reimagines green living in new brand film

Masdar City released a new brand film to launch its revamped brand identity and showcase the offerings of the sustainable city.

The film, part of the city’s ‘Sustainable Living, Made Easy’ campaign, was developed in collaboration with Stew Game and Tim Orr from Films by Nomad.

It was directed and produced by Philip Clyde-Smith and Films by Nomad, respectively.

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The film showcases how living sustainably can come with its difficulties and challenges.

Then it shows how Masdar City can help solve these struggles and live a green lifestyle.

A series of lighthearted scenes show people cycling in their office to generate electricity, a person running to make it to their meeting and an electric car running out of battery.

The scenes transition to how living and working in Masdar City can solve these pain points.

From electric scooters, autonomous green vehicles to future tech, the city showcases its solutions to make living sustainably easier.

Stepping away from stereotypes

The campaign steps away from the stereotypical fear appeal sustainability campaigns and shifts the focus from ‘not-doing enough’ to ‘doing their best, but struggling’.

“We wanted to break away from the stereotypical environmental fearmongering tactics, and instead, inspire and celebrate the proactive efforts of individuals in embracing sustainability,” said, Nermeen Negm, Head of Marketing and Communications at Masdar City

“Our focus is on making sustainable living effortlessly accessible, proving that it’s not about sacrifice, but about smart choices that lead to a better world.

“At Masdar City, sustainable living isn’t just a concept; it’s our way of life, and we invite everyone to join us in this transformative journey towards a greener, more sustainable future,” she adds.

Stew Game, Country Head, Films by Nomad, UAE added, “For our Masdar City campaign we wanted to take a different approach when talking about the challenges of living sustainably in our modern world.

“Our creative approach aimed to translate the brief into an accessible and lighthearted execution, that we hope will ultimately start a discussion and show there is another way to act and live responsibly.”

The campaign was launched in order to align with the upcoming COP28 that will take place in the UAE towards the end of the year.

Negm adds, “Especially in the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, a pivotal time for our nation, and as we prepare to host COP28, it is crucial for us all to elevate sustainability to the forefront of our consciousness.

“Our advertising campaign not only aligns with this important moment but embodies it. It highlights that sustainable living isn’t just a choice—it’s a rewarding lifestyle.”


Head of Marketing and Communications, Masdar City, Nermeen Negm
Marketing Manager, Masdar City, Dania Ghalayini
Senior Branding and Graphic Designer, Masdar City, Mohammad Mari
Creative: Films by Nomad
Production House: Films by Nomad
Executive Producers: Stew Game & Tim Orr
Director: Philip Clyde-Smith
DOP: Steele Stride
Producer: Hazem Agha
Senior Production Manager: Rochelle White
Drone Filming: Drones by Nomad