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Mars Wrigley and VMLY&R COMMERCE give an ‘Extra Friendly Alert’

Extra straight talks to bad breath offenders with new anonymous messaging app.

Everyone wants to get fitter for the year ahead – but some of us need to get fresher. Our hope for 2022 is that we return to normal social interactions, but social distancing may need to continue if friends can’t fix their breath. So, how do we tell someone that their breath needs refreshment? That’s where the ‘Extra Friendly Alert’ comes in.

Mars Wrigley has teamed up with VMLY&R COMMERCE MENA to create the ultimate anonymous web messaging platform. The ‘Extra Friendly Alert’ removes the awkwardness of telling someone they need to have some gum and allows people to discreetly send an alert to friends, family or colleagues, reminding them to keep their breath game fresh.

A simple solution to an everyday problem, the tech-empowered campaign delivers a discount code alongside the friendly alert for the recipient to immediately purchase a pack of Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum directly through Instashop. Just select a message, enter the recipient’s mobile number, and the anonymous message will be delivered via WhatsApp.

Leila Katrib, Creative Director at VMLY&R COMMERCE said: “This truly universal insight was surfaced during our global cross-office collaboration sessions and immediately felt perfectly fit with Extra’s tone of voice and brand promise. We are thrilled to see this powerful example of creative commerce go live – driving both awareness and in-the-moment conversion – to freshen up someone’s day.”

Visitors to the website can choose from a range of fun, pre-written alerts targeting various types of offenders including garlic lovers, snorers, or simply someone with an upcoming job interview. At the heart of the idea is about helping those closest to us feel fresher and in turn, saving many from the awkwardness of bad breath.

Mahmoud Maghraby, Media Director MEA Mars Wrigley, said: “We are excited to be part of this campaign, which is aimed at educating consumers about the benefits of chewing gum while creating fun moments for them and their friends. This campaign is also about engaging and rewarding our consumers through digital channels, which have become more popular today.” Mr Maghraby added that gum not only freshens breath, which is a powerful confidence boost but also helps with mental focus and overall oral hygiene.

The ‘Extra Friendly Alert’ site is now live www.extrafriendlyalert.com.

The platform will be supported by out of home, social and digital promotion.