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Lexus goads competitors with targeted OOH campaign down under

Campaign conceptualised by M&C Saatchi Australia.

Car manufacturer Lexus has kicked off an outdoor campaign that tracks the brand of cars driving past, triggering a personalised message encouraging the driver to switch to a Lexus.

The “smart” billboards, installed across Australia at high traffic sites, have been programmed to identify the brand, model and colour of passing vehicles as well as weather and traffic conditions.

Once identified, the billboard flashes up with a message aimed at the driver – such as “Hey white Audi driver, it’s time to Crossover. This is the New Lexus NX” and “Hey black Merc driver, the heavens have opened. This is the new Lexus NX.”

The outdoor work

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  • This Lexus campaign is, as mentioned, the most aggressive form of direct messaging that we have seen from a car company in a long time, if not the most forward of all time. The ad essentially targets each passing car and is specific in isolating and making sure that each driver knows that they area individualized target for Lexus’ campaign; that will not only emphasize on company influence and over-watch, but will also help to push people to believe that Lexus as a company may be doing more within their own makes and models than the car they may be driving at the moment. What is most fascinating about this ad is the technology used in the development of this audacious approach; the apparatus uses its identifying technology to make sure each “potential new customer” feels “picked-out” and solely targeted, which could do the trick by reaching people and demanding attention. It almost serves as a gimmick based on a platform of fun and wonder of some sort.

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