Leap Communications launches in the UAE with a focus on mental health

New agency calls for industry reforms to prioritise mental health and wellbeing of workforce in region

Kareem Farid, managing director, Leap Communications

Independent full-service communications consultancy, Leap Communications has opened its doors in the UAE with an aim to disrupt the communications market. The new agency will focus on harnessing the power of the latest cutting-edge technology such as AI and the power of a healthy creative team to demonstrate how clients can achieve dramatic results.

Headed up by Managing Director, Kareem Farid, a former broadcast journalist, he said: “While agencies are trying to digitise traditional media, we have made a leap to move far beyond it. When I think of communications, I don’t think of traditional and digital separately, in my head there’s no difference and it is an outdated conversation. As digital natives, we understand the value traditional media brings, but we believe in communicating our client’s message regardless of the platform we use. These factors led me to break the mould and start a consultancy that is young, curious and always ready to go the extra mile to ensure we are always putting our best foot forward and adapting to the ever-evolving industry.”

Headquartered in Dubai but overseeing the MENA region, Leap Communications has a unique focus on the mental health and wellbeing of its team, with the agency implementing the ’37 hour working week’, whereby three hours per week will be mandatory for employees to use to feed their soul, mind and heart. In those three hours the team will need to practice one hour for any physical activity, another hour for any new activity to stimulate the brain, and the final hour will be assigned to undertaking a mindful activity to feed the soul. The agency aims to boost its employee’s productivity as a result.

Farid hopes that by doing so, the agency will help spearhead change within the industry, and will encourage others to move towards offering a more supportive network to enhance the wellbeing of those who work in communications.

Commenting on the launch Kareem Farid, comments: “The media industry in general is one of the most stressful industries in the world to work in. While any communications professional is stressed between clients, budgets, operations and their management / leadership, there is a huge lack of support when it comes to looking after their mental wellbeing.

“My own personal experience with anxiety has been an ongoing battle that required putting huge efforts in every single small detail in my daily routine. But since I started working on my mental wellbeing and educating and encouraging others to do the same, my life has transformed and has changed for the better. Being treated for anxiety has helped me to make that leap to leave my job in the best multinational agency in the region, and to chase my dream to start a new consultancy that reflects how this generation thinks, behaves and communicates.”

Leap Communications takes the inspiration for its name from its ambition to encourage brands in the region to be brave, bold and innovative to deliver stand-out results.

“Leap Comms is born in the region and is run by people from the region, who have a unique understanding and market knowledge of the Middle East.” Farid added.