Case Study: NESCAFÉ launches new premium coffee range through Snapchat video and camera

Coffee at home is a growing category, with more and more people investing in coffee machines and buying ground or roast coffee. NESCAFÉ had to convince these discerning customers that their new premium soluble coffee range functionally deliver on taste and aroma (which they did through video) and emotionally bring to life the idea of indulgence and escape (which they achieved using camera formats).
The solution: an integrated Snapchat campaign leveraging video (Snap Ads) and camera formats (Filter and AR Lens) The idea was simple: help Snapchatters escape the everyday and enjoy moments of pure indulgence by visiting the Sumatran rainforest or Ugandan safari, and associating this feeling with NESCAFÉ Gold Origins. Leveraging cutting-edge augmented reality with a double portal Lens was the perfect solution.
This was supported with a Filter to help Snapchatters frame moments of coffee pleasure and Snap Ads to drive reach and frequency with pure-play product messages.
The results Reaching 7.56 million unique Snapchatters2, the campaign delivered exceptional uplifts for brand awareness (+7 percentage points1) and ad awareness (+11 percentage points1), especially amongst those over 35 (+18 percentage points1 and +19 percentage points1 respectively), addressing a common misconception about the platform being only for younger audiences.

The AR Lens in particular was a key driver inbrand metric uplifts, especially product awareness (+10 percentage point lift in product awareness among people exposed to the Lens1).

“Working very closely with our media agency, creative agency and the Snapchat team at an early stage of the campaign planning process ensured that we have a cohesive plan set in place, which includes the proper mix of media assets (such as Snap Ads, Filters and Lenses) that will drive and impact brand metrics. Leveraging the AR aspect through the Lens feature also gave the creative aspect an edge, as it allowed us to really bring the different sensorial experiences of each variant to life.” Tala Abdeen, Brand Manager, Nestlé Middle East.

1. Snap Inc. brand lift survey of Saudi Arabia Snapchat uses 25+ year-old, September 7, 2019 – November 9, 2019. Location and age data or subject to limitations. See https://businesshelp.snapchat.com/en-US/a/audience-size-tool for details. 1006 respondents.
2. Snap Inc. internal data, September 8, 2019 – December 31, 2019