Leading photographers among first to take pictures of NEOM’s diverse landscape

Ground-breaking photography has revealed the wonders of its natural landscape, writes Campaign Middle East editor Justin Harper

Ahead of its opening to tourists in 2024, NEOM has partnered with Getty Images and Unsplash, a global visual content creator and marketplace, to create and distribute an extensive visual library showcasing its diverse and natural environment.

These stunning images give the world a sneak preview into what they will be able to discover in the years to come.

Fourteen leading photographers from Getty Images and Unsplash were selected to be amongst the first to explore and capture NEOM’s diverse landscape. The initial release includes more than 200 images of NEOM’s natural landscapes, from coasts, corals and islands, to deserts, mountains and rocky plains.

Many of the photos feature the magnificent waters and sea life of the region and its islands, including its first-to-be-launched development, Sindalah.

Influencer marketing platform Vamp was involved in the project, bringing a range of international creators including free divers, photographers, and videographers. The content was created across three categories; desert expedition, coastal underwater and nature/wildlife.

NEOM’s developments only make up a small footprint of the 26,500 sq km region. Ninety-five percent of its land is set aside for nature and conservation, with clear goals to protect and enhance biodiversity, rejuvenate natural habitats, reintroduce native species and regreen the environment as part of NEOM’s initiative to plant 100 million native trees, shrubs and grasses by 2030.

There is plenty of buzz around NEOM, the giga-project being built in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Meaning ‘new future,’ NEOM is not a new city as some believe, but a region made up of a number of developments and natural spaces. NEOM includes the linear city THE LINE, the centre for advanced and clean industries Oxagon, the mountain retreat and winter sports destination Trojena and the luxury island resort Sindalah.

Described as ‘a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new economic model for the country and the world,’ NEOM is already under development, with the first destination, Sindalah, set to welcome guests from Q1 2024.

The project will be completed in multiple phases and, by 2030, some one million people will be resident in NEOM, with the population expected to rise to more than nine million by 2045.

To help the world discover more of what makes NEOM so spectacular and unique, the visual assets are available for travellers, partners and creative collaborators via branded collections on Getty Images’ website and Unsplash at unsplash.com/@NEOM.