Danube: The story behind the prancing woman in the red dress

Danube Group Chairman and Founder Rizwan Sajan spoke to Campaign Middle East about its latest striking ads

It would be hard to miss images of this woman jumping around in a red dress on your travels around Dubai. She is part of the Fashionz by DANUBE campaign, marketed as Dubai’s first FashionTV Branded Residence. Campaign Middle East editor Justin Harper spoke to Danube Group’s Chairman and Founder Rizwan Sajan about the eye-catching ads.

The red dress of Fashionz is quite striking – who created the concept?

We wanted to break free from the monotonous branding and marketing tactics and discover the power of curiosity. We wanted to use captivating imagery and weave it into real estate.

Why a red dress?

A red dress signifies style and aspiration in various ways. Red is bold and grabs your attention instantly. Red also exudes confidence and charisma. Wearing a red dress often symbolises a sense of power, elegance and allure.

Is it creating awareness?

Creating curiosity really worked for us in capturing the imagination of potential buyers. We believe in letting our spaces shine and stand out with visually striking imagery that leaves a lasting impression, driving interest and engagement. WeIl, we are glad it’s creating noise. A lot of people reach out to us every day wanting to know details about the dress. We have a fantastic team – and you can see why now.

You also have Viewz. Do your projects always end in a ‘Z’?

There are two reasons. The first reason is that ‘z’ makes the English word trendy. If you see the difference between American English and British English, you will know what I mean. American English uses ‘Z’ in place of ‘S’ – such as authorize/recognize as opposed to authorise/recognise – that makes them American and trendy. We at Danube are about modern and trendier homes that bring a sense of aspiration – Dreamz, Miraclz, Viewz.

The second reason is more important. The letter ‘Z’ is the last of the 26 letters in the English alphabet. We see it as a finishing letter or a ‘finisher’. In real estate, the common problem is finishing – both on time and on quality.

Most developers find it difficult to finish projects on time. Three of our upcoming projects are running ahead of the promised timeline. The use of ‘Z’ at the end of every project name helps us to focus on finishing the project on time and on quality. This is very close to our hearts and defines Danube Properties’ homes to a certain extent.

Why are branded apartments popular?

Buyers like to be associated with brands, especially fashion brands. Most consumers prefer to wear fashion-branded clothes and don’t mind paying a higher premium for the same. This is the case with branded residences as well. It’s like telling friends that they live in a famous branded apartment, designed and inspired by a brand. They take pride in living in branded residences, be it an apartment, a penthouse, a townhouse, or a villa. Fashion is about class, and it reflects a consumer’s choice and preference.