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Lay’s shoots an ad with David Beckham in 5 minutes

Lay’s shot a quick ad in 5 minutes with football stars David Beckham and Thierry Henry.

They shot the ad for the chips brand during a game in San Siro in Milan.

How? They pulled together a conversation between Beckham and Henry, which  ended up with Beckham looking for more Lay’s in the audience.

A different take on the Kiss Cam, the Chip Cam looked through the audience to see if it could spot any packets of Lay’s.

The ad was shot as part of the chip brand’s campaign for the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

The campaign called ‘No Lay’s, No Game’ aims to reward fans who are ready with Lay’s during the tournament.

“This year, No Lay’s, No Game is giving fans even more reasons to have Lay’s in hand. For those who do, something truly remarkable might happen.

“And those who don’t? They may be left missing out,” said Ciara Dilley, Vice President of marketing, Global Foods Group at PepsiCo.

The main film

The brand invited Beckham and Henry to ask, “Do you have Lay’s?” to a crowd of 75,000 cheering fans.

Just before kick-off, Beckham discovered that Henry had eaten all of his Lay’s chips. The two put out a call through the Lay’s Chip Cam to fix that in 5 minutes.

The Chip Cam scans the crowd. Beckham and Henry see spectators offering up items on the jumbotron – like pizzas, empty Lay’s bags, digital pictures of Lay’s – desperate to be selected.

Then two fans are found with Lay’s and are invited to watch the game with the iconic soccer stars.

The video serves as the main feature of this year’s No Lay’s, No Game commercial and will air throughout the UCL tournament season.


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Beyond the film

The campaign seems to take it up notch from the previous year, which saw Henry surprise some big football fans by literally going to their doors to see if they had Lay’s.

If they had Lay’s, he stayed and watched the match with them.

The campaign was created in partnership with Slap Global and directed by commercial and television director Andrew Lane.

In partnership with Meta, Lay’s also created a digital experience, the Lay’s Detector.

The digital experience asks fans to prove that they have Lay’s with them while watching a game. They would need to scan the QR code on Lay’s social channels or the commercial to unlock the effect.

Then, fans will be prompted to verify that they have Lay’s with them and if they do, they stand a chance to win prizes.