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Landmark Group’s Shoemart appoints new social media agency

The agency aims to organically growing its social media presence through targeted campaigns

Image Credit: Shoemart

Q Communications has recently been appointed to spearhead Shoemart’s social media management to drive engagement and awareness of the lifestyle brand within the GCC region.

The brand has 178 stores across the region with a range of footwear and accessories as well brands such as Duchini, Céleste, Kappa, Adidas, and Skechers.

Q Communications digital marketing strategy aims to drive customers to Shoemart stores and e-commerce platforms by organically growing its social media presence and community through impactful and targeted campaigns promoting the diverse offerings of the brands.

Engaging and targeted campaigns will be activated such as the Back to School campaign this summer, promoting the brand’s footwear collections geared towards children, as well as the Kappa padel shoes, boosting Kappa’s line of athletic padel footwear, set to launch in September.

In addition to this, a performance strategy is in place for Shoemart. Recently, a teaser for the Haadana Collection was unveiled aimed towards men in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The campaign reached over 3 million accounts and was viewed over 8.5 million times across the GCC, achieving an additional recall lift rate of 25 per cent.

Managing Partner at Q Communications, Katie Harvey, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Shoemart to the Q Communications portfolio.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Q as we embrace the world of footwear fashion. We are eager to execute our creative ideas and create captivating digital experiences, propelling the brand’s social media presence to new heights.” 

Q Communications roster of digital accounts includes locally and regionally brands such as Rotana, Splash, Costa, Topgolf Dubai and MMI, to name a few.