Emirates NBD unveils new brand identity to target gen now

Image Credit: Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD has revamped its digital bank Liv with a new value proposition targeted at Generation Now.

The plan aims to help them with a better financial future through innovative offerings and a digital experience. 

Reflected in its new tagline, Liv Ahead, its differentiated value proposition offers customers a host of new innovative products and services.

It is the first digital bank to introduce The Bonus Multiplier Account, with a gamified structure and rewarding customers for their loyalty, giving them a 3 per cent increment on their salaries every month. 

It is also the first digital bank to offer the Money Ahead Deposit, a 4 month fixed deposit with a lucrative interest rate of 4 per cent giving users interest upfront on day one instead of waiting for the deposit tenure to receive the interest.

Liv’s customers benefit from innovative products and services such as the only credit card that allows switching the rewards between skywards miles and cash back with one click through the App, giving this flexibility to the users instead of customers having to carry two cards. 

Users will also have access to enhanced versions of existing products including the popular Goal Accounts, a feature that allows customers to set and forget automated rules to easily save money towards their personalised financial goals. For example, pay yourself first, save a percentage of what you spend, all while earning attractive returns on their balances.

In another first to market, Liv Young, an app designed for kids and teenagers continues to attract interest in the market, in addition to specially curated lifestyle deals that only customers can benefit through the mobile app.

As customers evolve and demand more complex products and personalised services, they can be transitioned to other propositions at the Emirates NBD, allowing them to seamlessly continue their financial journey with the group.

Marwan Hadi, Group Head, Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates NBD, said: “We are excited to bring customers a redefined Liv, built carefully considering the needs of Gen Now. With a fresh-new look and feel, the new Liv further builds on our aim to serve as a financial companion to our customers, supporting their financial goals through a host of innovative products.” 

Pedro Sousa Cardoso, Chief Digital Officer, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates NBD, added: “Young professionals in the Gen Now category, comprises mainly Gen Zs and Gen Ys, have distinct lifestyles influenced by technological sophistication, a higher than average tolerance for risk, openness to managing multiple jobs and being more sustainably conscious – all translating to unique financial needs, that a digital banking companion like Liv can fulfil.”