KFC launches its “world-first anti-UGC campaign”

KFC’s latest campaign for Christmas unexpectedly mocks its audience.

The campaign kicked off with the fast food chain teasing a Kentucky Fried Turkey (KFT), in place of chicken, for Christmas.

The campaign, conceptualised by Mother,  was created in the UK as a response to numerous requests from people on social media every year for turkey offering on Christmas.

The campaign’s messaging seemed to indicate that the brand was going to cave into the requests deliver the people’s requests.

Then, they launched a video for the campaign that put an end to all the questions.

The ad film opens with a view of the KFC kitchen as the cook preps and fries the meat to put together a burger.

In the background, the turkey request messages pop up, teasing the audience that their requests have been heard.

Finally it ends with a supposed double-fillet turkey burger complete with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

As the screen reads: “We saw you. We heard you.”

Before it changes to, “And we ignored you…”, mocking the consumer.

It continues on to say “We’re sticking with chicken. The Stuffing Stacker. Only until 1st Jan.”

In a cheeky riposte to social users who think they know best, KFC said: “Kentucky Fried Turkey? KFT?! You didn’t really think we were going to do it, did you? We’re KFC for heaven’s sake. And in case you didn’t know, the C stands for chicken.”

In what is described as a “world-first anti-UGC campaign” that “just goes to prove the customer isn’t always right”,  KFC added that “this Christmas, next Christmas and every Christmas to come, we’re sticking with chicken”.

A version of this article first appeared on Campaign UK.