Kellogg’s: The great cereal divide

Popular snack company Kellogg has split into two companies.

The company  split its businesses into two segments, its North American business and its global business.

The company first announced its intention to split earlier this year in March, but the company only got the green light to split this month.

As part of the split, the company has undergone a rebranding for both sectors.

The global company will be now known as Kellanova and North American company will be WK Kellogg co.

The new companies will have new logos, however, both will maintain the iconic red letter K in them.

The new name Kellanova, is a portmanteau of Kell, an ode to the original name, and nova which means new in Latin.

According to Kellanova CEO, Steve Cahillane, the name takes from the company’s history, heritage and tradition.

The process of choosing the name was a collaborative one, according to the company. The name was formed on the basis of employee suggestions

In a Linkedin post, the company highlighted the significance of the new logo.

“The Kellanova logo retains the iconic Kellogg Company ‘K’ to intentionally connect to our heritage and the strong foundation that got us to where we are today, while the forward curved and extended ‘v’ embodies our forward momentum as we approach listing day.”

The other company, WK Kellogg co, is named after the company founder W.K. Kellogg, who created Corn Flakes in 1894.

The name was coined in an effort to “maintain a strong connection to the legacy of Kellogg Company”.

While the original Kellogg’s company has split and rebranded and will complete the transition entirely by the end of the year, the branding on the packaging as of now will remain the same.

The company will continue with its trademark Kellogg’s branding across its range of products.