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It’s child’s play for Toyota’s hybrid

As KSA moves towards a fully electric future, the lack of infrastructure currently presents a challenge. Toyota’s Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) aim to  offer a more accessible and sustainable alternative to traditional combustion engines, yet people remain apathetic towards HEVs. However, the consequences of automobile emissions will ultimately affect future generations.

Since it’s the children’s future at stake, Serviceplan Middle East decided to make them the spokespeople for Toyota’s hybrid range. The goal was not to preach, but simply delight and entertain viewers, while extolling the benefits of Toyota’s hybrid range.

The campaign saw the agency bring together children and allow them to direct and produce their own plays to perform in front of their parents. These plays were recorded and used as separate ad campaigns.

The three ad films were called Yay Efficiency, The Little Battery and Bye Bye Carbon which all highlighted the different features of the Corolla Hybrid.

Yay Efficiency

The Little Battery

Bye Bye Carbon


Agency: Serviceplan Middle East