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It pays to be emotional – ‘I am a feminist’, writes CNN’s Pippa Scaife

It pays to be emotional – 'I am a feminist', writes CNN's Pippa Scaife


Pippa Scaife, Commercial Director, Emerging Brands, CNN International Commercial.

I am a ‘feminist’.

It’s a title that’s crept up on me over the last few years, as I’ve become increasingly impassioned about gender equality and increasingly frustrated by the constant barrage of news stories suggesting that we don’t yet have it. Once upon a time admitting to this label would probably have meant I had to burn my bra in some irate public spectacle, but today’s fourth wave membership has a slightly more subtle admission fee.  Whilst I try not to use feminism as an excuse to be the loudest voice in every room, I can see it sneaking into the majority of my day to day decision

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